About John

I grew up on a farm in Fulton County, KY, where my wandering through creek beds and fields instilled a love and curiosity for the natural world. As a young adult, I participated in community theater and musical performance playing piano and saxophone.

Following the never-ending chain of asking "Why?", I earned my B.S. in physics from Western Kentucky University, and my PhD in physics from the University of California, Davis. I've studied cosmology, nuclear collisions, chaos theory, and built computer simulations of earthquakes and tsunamis. I find science communication to be particularly gratifying, whether at conferences or in the classroom.

I currently reside near St Louis, MO, developing in Unreal Engine. My game development motivation stems from a blending of my creative pursuits and my fascination with patterns that emerge in nature from simple mathematical rules. I gravitate towards incorporating procedural generation and chaotic systems, allowing the game to create inexhaustible variations of content to engage players' natural impulse to explore.

I am also interested in emerging technologies, particularly virtual reality, which have the capacity to expand our tools for content creation and deepen the social engagement and immersive potential of digital worlds.

Outside of the ample time I spend building and playing games, you might find me troubleshooting my 3D printer, trying to find space to do hot glass work, or playing music - most recently I've been learning the low D Irish tin whistle. But most likely you'll find me being dragged all over town by my cattle dog, Archie.

Archie - he's as feisty as he is pretty